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Posted Friday, 22 February 2019

Founded in 1988 and manufactured in Portugal with high quality leather both on the upper and in the lining. The soles are mostly produced in Thermoplastic Rubber as soft as possible to give maximum comfort to the feet of our children and shock absorption for their heels. They are recognised within Europe as a leader in the children’s shoe industry.

The brand hit the UK market around 2004 and is sold purely in specialist children’s shoe shops, this brand specialises in beautifully made fine leather school shoes. Elongated heel, with padded ankle collars for extra support and comfort, these shoes exude quality and style. The school shoes come in different width fittings and are becoming a popular choice for the discerning consumer. These stylish shoes, for both boys and girls, come in different colours and width fittings and range in size from a 24 to a 44. For those people searching for an unusal coloured school shoe (and we know how difficult that search can be!) Petasil shoes provide the perfect solution.